Popoto - A Redis ORM (Object-Relational Mapper)

Popoto is an ORM for your Redis cache database. The familiar syntax makes it easy to use for Django and Flask developers.

Redis is a storage system that operates in RAM memory. Since it works at RAM memory level, reading/writing is typically 10-20x faster compared to PostgreSQL and other traditional relational databases.

Simple Example

from popoto import Model, KeyField, Field

class Person(Model):
    name = KeyField()
    fav_color = Field()

Person.create(name="Lalisa Manobal", fav_color = "yellow")

lisa = Person.query.get(name="Lalisa Manobal")

print(f"{} likes {lisa.fav_color}.")
> 'Lalisa Manobal likes yellow.'


  • very fast stores and queries
  • familiar syntax, similar to Django models
  • Geometric distance search
  • Timeseries for streaming data and finance tickers
  • compatible with Pandas, Xarray for N-dimensional matrix search
  • PubSub for message queues, streaming data processing

Popoto is ideal for streaming data. The pub/sub module allows you to trigger state updates in real time. Currently being used in production for:

  • trigger buy/sell actions from streaming price data
  • robots sending each other messages for teamwork
  • compressing sensor data and training neural networks

Getting Started


pip install popoto

see Popoto on PyPi

Set REDIS_URL in your deployed env. Optional on local


Define a Model

import popoto

class Person (popoto.Model)
    name = popoto.KeyField(max_length=100)
    favorite_color = popoto.Field(null=True)

See Models and Fields for all Model and Field options.

Create Instances

lisa = Person(name="Lalisa Manobal")
lisa.favorite_color = "yellow"

# single line command
lisa = Person.create(name="Lalisa Manobal", favorite_color = "yellow")

Retreive Instances

lisa = Person.query.get("Lalisa Manobal")
print(f"{} likes {lisa.favorite_color}.")
'Lalisa Manobal likes yellow.'

See Making Queries for all Query and Filter options.

Delete Instances


Popoto gets it's name from the Māui dolphin subspeciesis - the world's smallest dolphin subspecies. Because dolphins are fast moving, agile, and work together in social groups. In the same way, Popoto wraps Redis and RedisGraph to make it easy to manage streaming timeseries data on a social graph.

For help building applications with Python/Redis, contact Tom Counsell on